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Business Writing

Businesses need all kinds of writing done: brochures, PowerPoint presentations, sales documents, manuals, reports, and more. Why not delegate these tasks to a professional?

I need a business writer!

Business writing clients

Sherry LeBlanc, LeBlanc & Associates

Various documents, course descriptions, thank-you notes, grant and prize applications.

Maria Lironi, Love Your Work Coaching

Manuals, press releases, web content.

Kris Constable, PrivaSecTech

Web content writing, reports.

Benefits of hiring a professional writer

Hiring a professional for your business writing has many benefits. First, you pay for an experienced practitioner of the craft of writing who knows how to handle different document types. Minimal need for revision and a knowledge of writing techniques that work in each situation are other advantages of hiring a professional writer.

Here’s a good overview of why and how hiring a professional business writer can help you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have staff. Can't they do the writing?

Sure, they could. Sometimes they might be very good at it. But sometimes they’re really busy with other things, like helping you run your business. Sometimes writing makes them anxious, and they leave these tasks until the last minute. Hiring a professional writer relieves you (and them) of the stress of writing. 

A professional writer’s specialty is, you guessed it, writing. They do it well, quickly, and informed with their years of experience communicating ideas in words. Writing makes them happy. Why not get the best possible work from someone who loves what they do?

Is professional writing expensive?

It’s all in the value you get from the work. What’s the ROI on a finely crafted PowerPoint presentation for that important meeting, or on a press release that brings you lots of media attention and leads? What’s the value of a snappy brochure, or of an excellent report to your big client?

If you can see the value in communicating professionally, then no, a professional writer isn’t expensive. It’s worth it.

Can a professional writer help me in other ways?

Absolutely! Professional writers are trained and practiced communicators who also know about marketing, branding, voice, and audiences. They can help you come up with an effective communication strategy for your business.

Have more questions?

If you’re wondering how a writer can help with a particular business need you have, send your question my way! 

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