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Blogging And Web Content

I have 7+ years of experience writing blog posts and web content. I started with ghostwriting SEO content and soon moved to writing content under my own byline for companies and online magazines.

I want some blogging for my company/magazine!

Blogging samples

Build Direct

Home decor, DIY, lifestyle.


Sexuality, sexual health, dating, essays.

Vivint Neighbourhood

Smart home technology, tech trends.

Benefits of blogging

Not sure if you should start a blog? Plenty of companies have used blogging to drive traffic, bring in leads, and convert them into clients. Blogging also helps with SEO rankings on Google and other search engines. 

Don’t believe me? Listen to the experts: Hubspot, Forbes, Elegant Themes and Sprout Content all believe you should be blogging, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I publish on my blog?

The basic recommendation is at least once a month, but once a week is the minimum frequency you should publish to see results. 

What should my blog be about?

When blogging for a business, you should cover things that are relevant to your area of expertise or your products. There is some leeway: even “boring” topics like insurance or financial products can be interesting. All you need to do is publish content that’s relevant, interesting, entertaining, and/or useful to your target audience.

Can you help me with conceptualizing my blog?

Of course! I have started many blogs and worked on many already established ones. I know what blogs need to be successful, how to develop a brand and a voice, and how to narrow down appropriate topics for your business.

How much does it cost to get you blogging for me?

My cost depends on many things: the amount of research required for each post, the length, and other extraneous requirements like making a shareable picture for social media, or formatting the post in your content management system. As a baseline, blog posts with minimal research of up to 500 words are $50.

Have more questions?

If you want to know more about my blogging services, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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