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When Writing, Be Gentle With Yourself

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There are so many reasons to be hard on ourselves. We need to work more, to spend more time with our family, to focus more on our health. Employers, friends, family and society demand more and more of us: more attention, more focus, more multi-tasking, more time. They say “always be better, stronger, faster than you were yesterday so you can reach your goals and make a life for yourself.” The times tell us to be aggressive with ourselves, to never take no for an answer, to always look for the bigger thing, the better thing. We should never be satisfied with what we have and always strive to have more, do more, be more. I find this litany exhausting to the extreme. It implies that people have no limits. I tells us that if we’re not improving every day, we’re not really doing anything worthy at all. But is there a point where we need to–where we have to stop...

READ: From Blog to Book Deal by Srinivas Rao and David Candrall

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from one of the authors. I’d never heard about BlogCast FM before, but when Srinivas Rao, co-author of Blog to Book Deal: How They Did It, contacted me to review his book, I got on the podcast right away and found a wealth of interviews from bloggers across the world who made a splash one way or the other. The title of the book describes exactly the content of the book: “how they did it”. It’s not a how-to guide to getting a book deal. It’s not a step-by-step system to write posts that will get an agent’s attention. You might learn things, but it may not actually be about book deals. The book is short and contains interviews from bloggers like Ramit Sethi, Chris Guillebeau and Jenny Blake, among others. But the two I found myself most interested by were Julien Smith and Jeff Goins, despite the fact that...

How To Get More Followers on Tumblr by Elizabeth Benefiel

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It’s been a while, but I have reviewd a few web- and blog-related books in the past year such as Clout, Content Rules and Audience, Relevance and Search. As a blogger and student of content management, I’m always interested in ways to improve my writing, blog appeal and followers and to learn about new platforms. The owner of a popular Tumblr blog called 11 questions, Elizabeth Benefiel has written a short e-book (it took me about an hour to go through it) aptfully titled How to Get More Follwers on Tumblr. Given its length, the book is understandbly concise and is divided in 12 chapters with extra resources at the end. The topics covered go from how to set up a Tumblr blog to finding a topic, establishing relationships with other tumblrs and using apps to enhance the experience. Because it is so short, I was not expecting much depth from this book. The target reader seemed...

Live to Write, Write to Live

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This post is my entry to Make A Living Writing’s contest for a one-year memberhsip into the Writer’s Den. *** I live to write. I write a lot. I write on my blog, and I’ve written for other blogs. I hand-write a journal every night, and type at least 750 words every morning. I love everything that’s related to words: books, dictionaries, text editors (I have at least 5 different writing programs on my computer). I can write in two languages. If I’m confused, I write. If I’m happy, I write. If I’m sad, I write. If I’m elated, I write. When something doesn’t work, I write about it until I figure out how to make it work; when something works, I write about it to remember what I did. I’ve been told for years that I write well. I’ve written literally hundreds of essays, proposals, summaries and other academic-related...

Anabelle will return shortly

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Some quick news before I go back to work: I have a Steampunk Expo post waiting down the line, but this week I am overwhelmed with grading, so it will have to wait until I’ve handed all my grades in. My friend Julian will provide a review for Svengali (which I won’t be able to see) on Friday. Have a great week everyone! Liked this post? Share it! Pin ItMoreEmailShare on TumblrDiggPrintLike this:Like...

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