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With a whopping 92% positive reactions on Urban Spoon, I couldn’t miss the chance to stop by Apollonia Restaurant for dinner on my way to the Standing Armed fashion show last night. (Check for coverage soon on HB604.)

Fairview is a part of town I really know nothing about (actually I’d never been there before), so I was happy to find this little gem on Urban Spoon while on the long road on SkyTrain and bus. The restaurant is at a strange corner, at Fir and 2nd avenue west, next to warehouses, a cute café, a bike shop and very expensive-looking condos overlooking False Creek. It was around 6PM and the restaurant was rather empty, so I could choose my table next to the window.

Water and menu came quickly, so did my drink after I’d ordered. I wasn’t very hungry so I got the spanakopita meal, which comes with rice, a roasted half-potato and greek salad, served with warm, home made pita bread.

Meal at Apollonia

Greek food at its best

The plate was a decent size without being overwhelming, even though I let Raul eat the salad after he joined me. (I don’t eat salad. Ask me why sometime.) The spanakopita was perfect: the phyllo dough crunchy outside and tender inside, and the right mix of spinach, garlic and feta cheese for the filling. I had my first taste of spanakopita back in Edmonton, but it wasn’t ever as good as this one. The rice had some seasoning, but not too much, which is actually how I like it.

And while I was cheating on my diet, I thought I would also get a dessert. It’s the same idea as a spanakopita, but it has a custard filling and a caramel and cinnamon topping. I couldn’t finish it, but the custard was just right–not to sweet but not bland either.


Mmmmm dessert

Greek food has never been my favourite cuisine but I’m starting to appreciate it more and more as I visit Greek and Mediterranean restaurants. I’ve come to enjoy garlic in my food and Greek cuisine certainly has a lot of it!

I strongly recommend Apollonia Restaurant–it’s really worth the trip, actually, if you don’t live in the neighbourhood. It’s close to Granville Island too, should you want to get off the island for lunch or dinner.

Apollonia Restaurant
1830 Fir Street (at 2nd avenue)

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